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L. Todd Kelly

Attorney, Author, Father, Husband, Marine Veteran

With a protector’s heart, Todd Kelly mesmerizes audiences big and small around the world. Bold, unapologetic, and a true fighter - Kelly knows what it takes to succeed personally and professionally. Being a sought-after trial lawyer and media commentator - Kelly knows how to grab the hearts and minds of any audience. 


Paired with his raw honesty, Kelly’s frankness about his “failures” allows his C-Suite and professional audiences to know that failures happen, but quitting is not an option. Coupled with his life and professional lessons, Kelly quickly becomes a repeat presenter for corporate organizations and associations year after year. 

L. Todd Kelly

Father, Fighter, Founder.

From the boardroom to the backyard, what it looks like to be an influential professional, partner, and parent weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of today’s C-suite men. 


Wondering how to balance it all, get it all, and not lose what they value most is a struggle every man faces. Yet few seek an actual path out. 


In this 45-minute, half-day intensive, or “fireside” chat experience, Todd Kelly shares his real-world insights that only the lens of a Marine Veteran and a seasoned trial lawyer can bring. With over 30 years of experience, this sought-after industry expert gets honest about what “getting it all” means to you as a father, fighter, and business founder. 


Your audience will walk away with the following: 

  • How to define your all

  • Knowing your walkaway points

  • Understand the power of flexible prioritization 

  • Master the “Fighter Father” mindset so that you always win the war (just maybe not the battle)

Worth Dying For


With the average American professional spending over 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, it is no wonder that 60% of these professionals feel emotionally detached at work. These feelings of disheartenment lead to dismay and depression - and worse yet, doubting their life choices. 


In this 45-minute or half-day intensive, author and sought-after trial lawyer Todd Kelly shares the 5 key signs of burnout and breakdown and how to bring the balance back to life. 


Your audience will walk away with the following: 

  • Understanding how, when unbridled, our egos can destroy your income

  • The ability to prioritize what matters in life and in a career

  • An understanding of how to cope with the stress that a “high-stress” career creates

  • A greater appreciation for their spiritual well-being and its impact on their careers


Affairs Of The Soul

Affairs don’t just happen in the bedroom. They happen in the courtroom, board room, and anywhere we have lost our clear North Star. And though being lost and being a leader can occur for a bit, this disconnect of self, soul, and success will eventually destroy everything - including yourself. 

No matter if you have become disconnected from your core purpose because of bad choices, too much stress, or simply just realizing what you were sold is not what you have - you can find your way back to yourself, your soul, and the success your heart truly seeks, and your soul truly needs.


In this 45-minute, half-day intensive C-suite group mentorship experience, Todd Kelly explains how men rise to success yet crash and burn 9 times out of 10. Bringing his military, courtroom, entrepreneurialism, and personal perspectives - Kelly breaks the reality down of how business is personal and why one must master self to master success. 


Your audience will walk away with the following: 

  • Understanding the social myth of success and how it is strangling their lives

  • How to stop the real world “Spinny wheel of death” cycles

  • Why intention and attention affect everything (for better or worse)

  • How to come back to self, soul, and success no matter how far away you feel

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